M.A.Z. SHIPPING AND CONSOLIDATION SERVICES (PVT) LTD. is an independent enterprise specializing in shipping agency business, with headquarter in Karachi, Pakistan and branch office in Dubai, U.A.E (A COMPANY OF M.R.GROUP – PAKISTAN), MAZ has set up AND  undertaking various agency business for both Chinese and foreign vessels navigating among international lines. We always endeavor to provide brilliant services and maintain your legitimate interests.

Business Scope

  • Proceeding declaration procedure for the vessel in/out of ports and relevant waters, arranging for the pilot, towage and berth alongside.
  • Proceeding the cargo import/export declaration procedure, arranging for stevedoring, tally, assessment, measurement, fumigation, monitoring the loading/discharging, cargo and hold inspection.
  • Organizing cargo booking and stowage.
  • Proceeding the customs clearance procedure for cargo, cargo delivery, warehousing, transshipping and insurance.
  • Packaging for bulk cargo and other varieties.
  • Providing door to door and multimodal transportation.
  • Arranging for stevedoring, customs clearance, exhibition goods, etc.
  • Dealing with inquiry of shipment, cargo claim and over-discharged settlement, as agent.
  • Handling vessel inspection, repair, fumigation, washing, sweeping and supply of fuel, fresh water, food, material, etc.
  • Proceeding the container import /export declaration procedure, arranging for stevedoring, storage, transportation, devanning, vanning, washing, fumigation and inspection.
  • Handling the container business for building, repair and inspection.
  • Dealing in the container leasing, sells, delivery, transshipping, redelivery, releasing, inventory, issuing the EIR document.
  • Dealing in vessel chartering, trade and delivery/redelivery, providing agency for charter party and purchasing contract.
  • Issuing B/L, contract of shipment and demurrage/dispatch agreement for and on behalf of owner, carrier or master, as agent.
  • Collecting freight, paying/receipt of funds in/out, dealing with the dispatch/demurrage calculation/payment, as agent.
  • Contacting for sea salvage and settlement of sea accident.
  • Recruiting, signing labor contract, applying for passport, consul visa, seaman certificates, arranging the crew for hospitalizing, substitution, signing on/off and Sight-seeing, as agent.
  • Purchasing ship machine, material, sea chart, etc, as agent.
  • Providing service for the business and information inquiries.
  • Managing and undertaking other types of ship agency services.